Making your party perfect

Our Services 

Our services range from wedding dj's, to function dj's, to mobile music for any occasion.

And NOW! also introducing the all new PARTY PACK.

The Party Pack is a 6m X 6m mobile stage trailer with roof canopy. It comes standard with a 10Kw sound system that can easily cater for an event of 1000 people. But if that is not enough oomf, we can help with bigger and more bang that can cater for larger crowds. And if you are doing a show at night... NO worries. the Party Pack also comes with stage lighting to light up a show or even a music event. To setup a 36sqm stage with a canopy, sound and lighting can easily set you back over R 30 000. Contact us today for a free quotation and we can save you up too 70%

Party Perfect SA perform a big variety of services to the clients event, from music, to decor, to special effects.

Our services include:

Music for weddings, corporate, birthday parties, etc. any event you need music for.

Special effects on your event to give it that edge. if it is smoke or lighting you want we can offer it. even more like low fog on you special dance, bubbles to lock the memories, venue decor lights, and many more. it all depends on your imagination.


Music packages start from a s little as R 2 450 for an 8 hour service.

We can supply you with music for any event.



Please contact us for a more detailed quote,